The Beast(s) of Daniel

The Beast(s) in the book of Daniel all represent the same kingdoms as the beast(s) in the book of Revelations.   However, the beast(s) in the book of Daniel show different characteristics of the beast or a different function than the beast(s) of the book of Revelations.  Yet, the beasts in Daniel and Revelation are the same.  The beast(s) in Daniel shows us the advent or the coming of the kingdoms that were given unto Satan.   Revelations shows us the beast(s) as a figure(s) in history in its past, present and future state.  In Revelation the beast was, is and yet to come and is complete.   In Daniel the beast is primarily future and is not complete.   That is he is primarily yet to come, though he had began to come.

The book of Daniel gives us identifying characteristics of the coming beast and enables us to look back and interpret the historical nations and kings who brought forth the beast.  Many bible teachers confuse the characteristics of the coming beast(s) in Daniel with the characteristics that are represented in the beast that was, is and yet to come in Revelations.  They explain that the beast(s) in Daniel are past,  and say that the beast in Revelations is future, yet they take references in Daniel that are related to the beast(s) in Daniel which they say is past and attribute them to the beast in Revelations which they say is future.   For example they see the ten horns of the fourth beast in Daniel as the same as the ten horns of the beast in Revelations 13 and 17.

Though the beast in Daniel and Revelations is the same beast, they represent different characteristics of the beast.   Consider that in Daniel the ten horns are given to us as ten kings possessing a kingdom and a little horn comes up out of one of the horns to subdue three of the horns.    The ten horns in Revelations are said to have no kingdom but are given authority with the beast for one hour indicating these horns are very temporary in that they do not exist as kings with the beast and there is no mention of a little horn.   What some interpretations have done  is to take a King horn (the little horn) on the beast in Daniel and put it with the temporary non king horns on the beast in Revelations to identify it as the anti-Christ.  These horns are not compatible in their representation.

We will show how interpreting the characteristics of the beast(s) in Daniel can lead to a better understanding of christian eschatology and give the believer a more complete understanding of prophecy.


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